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We provide the following professional services:-

A. Fundraising & related services 

Support in fundraising by connecting with relevant stakeholders. Assist in writing professional proposals and concept note either as per Request for proposal (RFP) doc or otherwise. We also provide services to create a strong pitch deck to present your work in an effective manner to the prospective donors.

B. Statutory compliances

Ensure statutory compliances applicable to the entity. Support in obtaining registration as per Sec 12AB, certification u/s 80G, FCRA and Form CSR-1. We conduct due diligence (pre-funding) and financial analysis of the entity to know the current status and to improve the chances of receiving funds.

C. Training & development

Our in-house training and development team ensure to provide the required skills to your employees and to keep them motivated. We excel in creating standard operating procedures (SOPs), developing policies at an organisational level and devise creative ways of engaging volunteers and build a motivated community.

NGO Consulting: Projects
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