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Case study

Title: Bridging Social Responsibility and Healthcare Innovation:
A Case Study of Artha Samarth's Impactful Collaboration in CSR and CfHE


Introduction: In a groundbreaking collaboration, Artha Samarth Consultancy, Indian Oil Corporation Limited - South Eastern Regional Pipelines Limited (IOCL-SERPL), Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship (CfHE) at IIT Hyderabad, and Aerobiosys Innovations Pvt Ltd have come together to revolutionise healthcare delivery through deploying innovative biomedical devices in rural hospitals. This case study delves into the transformative impact created by Artha Samarth Consultancy's unique role in connecting CSR initiatives of IOCL-SERPL with CfHE's healthcare innovations in creating a tangible impact and reaching the right beneficiaries.

Artha Samarth's Pioneering Role: Artha Samarth Consultancy, played a strategic role in facilitating the collaboration between IOCL-SERPL and CfHE. Acting as a bridge between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and healthcare innovations, Artha Samarth Consultancy identified the synergies between IOCL-SERPL's commitment to social wellness through quality accessible healthcare and CfHE's mission to address unmet healthcare needs. This strategic alignment laid the foundation for a transformative partnership that would ultimately contribute to the social health and well being of the communities.

CSR and CfHE Synergy: IOCL-SERPL's CSR initiative, guided by Artha Samarth Consultancy, focuses on holistic community development, including health, education and environment. The collaboration with CfHE amplifies these efforts by channeling resources into healthcare innovation. CfHE's mission to build a sustainable stream of entrepreneurs and products in the biomedical space aligns seamlessly with Artha Samarth Consultancy's commitment to creating a lasting social impact.

Healthcare Innovation and Social Impact: The deployment of IoT-enabled ICU ventilators by Aerobiosys Innovations Pvt Ltd, incubated at CfHE, represents a prime example of how healthcare innovation can contribute to social impact. These ventilators, with advanced technology and affordability at their core, address a critical need in healthcare infrastructure. The lightweight Jeevan Lite ventilators have the potential to save lives across age groups, reflecting a tangible and immediate social benefit.

Event Summary: The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony on February 28, 2022, marked the official collaboration between IOCL-SERPL, CfHE, and Aerobiosys. Artha Samarth Consultancy played a crucial role in facilitating the smooth coordination of stakeholders, ensuring that the collaboration's objectives were met seamlessly. The event showcased the commitment of all parties involved to uplift healthcare standards in Vizianagaram district hospital.

Impact on Vizianagaram's Healthcare Landscape: The impact created by the deployment of IoT-enabled ventilators is palpable. The District Hospital in Vizianagaram now possesses state-of-the-art medical equipment. These ventilators contribute to enhanced patient care, especially in critical respiratory cases, ultimately saving lives and improving overall community well-being. Currently these ventilators are deployed in the maternity wards in this hospital and are saving critical babies' lives every minute. 


Sustainable Social Wellness: Artha Samarth Consultancy's strategic approach to connecting IOCL-SERPL`s CSR with CfHE, emphasizes the potential for sustainable social wellness. By nurturing healthcare entrepreneurship and fostering collaborations that address societal needs, Artha Samarth Consultancy contributes to long-term positive outcomes. This collaboration sets a precedent for future endeavors, showcasing the transformative power of aligning CSR with innovative healthcare solutions.


Conclusion: Artha Samarth Consultancy's instrumental role in connecting IOCL-SERPL`s CSR and CfHE has resulted in a meaningful collaboration that exemplifies the positive impact of healthcare innovation on social welfare. The successful deployment of IoT-enabled ventilators in Vizianagaram underlines the potential for lasting change when corporate responsibility and innovation converge. As Artha Samarth Consultancy continues to champion sustainable development, this collaboration stands as a testament to the profound social impact achievable through strategic partnerships in healthcare innovation.

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